"Your heart is like the ocean into which thousands of rivers pour without overflowing. Your mind is like the clear sky, endless and free, raised high above this world. Your being is like the tree that gives its shade and yields sweet fruit to all. The tree does not cling to its fruit, nor withholds them from those who throw stones. Like your heart, the tree offers its fruit to all, no matter into whose hands they fall."

After completing the first level of “Yoga in Daily Life” you are now well prepared for the classical Asanas of Yoga.

As you have already experienced, there is a great difference between conventional gymnastics and Yoga exercise. The Yoga postures exert a far-reaching effect on all bodily functions, as well as the mind. In this way it can be observed that the Asanas not only influence the body, but also one’s entire personality. In a very natural way the Yoga Asanas bring health and balance to both body and mind. One experiences an inner peace and freedom.

In order to achieve rapid and long-lasting results, it is of great importance to establish a regular and systematic practice of Yoga. Initially, regular practice may seem difficult and a little inconvenient, however once the body and mind begin to experience the benefits, they appear to desire the Yoga exercises, as if of their own accord.

There are Asanas that are easier to perform in the morning and others in the evening. There are specific breathing techniques that are a blessing for those who have difficulty waking in the morning. People who suffer from poor sleep, long for the relaxation that Yoga practice brings and so they establish a regular routine. Problems with blood pressure, back pain and other health complaints all benefit from regular practice. After some time it simply becomes a healthy habit, just like taking a shower - the Yoga practice is something we just do not want to miss.

Sequence of a Yoga Session

  • Begin your Yoga session with a relaxation and then practice some dynamic exercises such as stretching the body, rolling the body, twists or simple exercises from the “Sarva Hita Asanas” to warm the muscles, loosen the joints and stimulate circulation.

  • Then continue with the Asanas from the exercise level you are currently practicing in “Yoga in Daily Life”. To begin with, practice each Asana three times without holding for a longer period. After practicing this way for a while, begin to extend the practice by holding the posture for a few minutes with normal breathing. Conclude the physical exercises with a short relaxation.

  • After the Asana practice, air the room and practice Pranayama. Follow this with a meditation according to your current level.

  • Complete the Yoga session by singing OM three times and the Peace Mantra, OM ŚĀNTIḤ ŚĀNTIḤ ŚĀNTIḤ.