Starting Position:

on the spine

coordinated with the movement

3 times with each leg

Sit in Vajrasana. >Inhaling raise the arms forward to shoulder height and come up onto the knees. >Exhaling place the palms on the floor under the shoulders, arms straight. Draw the right knee under the body and lower the head towards the knee, so that the nose (or forehead) and knee touch. >Inhaling keep the knee bent and extend the right leg backwards. But don’t turn up the right pelvis. Raise the head and look up. >Exhaling move the head and knee towards each other. >Practice this flexing and extending movement in rhythm with the breath another 3 times. >Inhaling come back up onto the knees. >Exhaling return to starting position. Practice the exercise with the other leg.

Maintains and improves flexibility of the spine, and hip mobility. Strengthens the muscles of the abdomen, back, buttocks, hips and legs and deepens the breath. A beneficial exercise for mothers shortly after giving birth.

After the third round relax in Anandasana.

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Asanas and Exercises to Increase Flexibility of the Spine
Asanas and Exercises Recommended after giving Birth
Asanas and Exercises to Strengthen the Hip Muscles