Starting Position:

on the balance of the body

coordinated with movement, held in the position

3 times with each leg

Stand with the legs together and concentrate on the balance of the body. >Inhaling raise the left arm to the front and bend the upper body forward from the hips. At the same time bend the right leg backwards and take hold of the toes of the right foot with the right hand, continue raising the right leg. >Remain in this position holding the breath. >Exhaling return to starting position. Repeat the exercise with the other leg.

Balances the nervous system and improves the ability to concentrate. Stretches and opens the muscles of the chest and hips. Strengthens the extensor muscles of the back and hips. This Asana also develops the sense of balance and aids in leg and foot stability.

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Asanas and Exercises to Improve Leg Stability
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Asanas and Exercises to Improve Balance